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We’ve only gone and launched with Footasylum in the UK

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If you’re in the market for some new trainers, today has just become a great day for you. Laybuy is super excited to announce that we have officially launched in the UK with major retailer Footasylum. Although we’ve been onboarding merchants in the UK online and in store since October 2018, and have a whole range of fabulous UK retail partners, Footasylum is the first major national retailer to appear on our books.

Allowing trainer enthusiasts to ‘get new kicks and pay in six’ (I wish I could claim these words as my own, but they are those of a rather brilliant branding team), Laybuy will work with Footasylum to provide consumers with the flexibility to spread the cost of purchases over six interest-free payments, with the first being made at the point of sale.

Not only are we thrilled to partner with such a great brand, we are also excited to bring Laybuy to the UK and demonstrate what we have to offer. We believe that Laybuy has the ability to give a real boost both to British retail which has had a tough time of late, but also to the country’s consumers who aren’t without their own difficulties with the rising cost of living squeezing budgets ever tighter.

The UK retail sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges as retailers attempt to navigate a world of constant discount days and sales spirals. By providing retailers with a genuine alternative to constant promotions, Laybuy can help drive sales and significantly boost new customer acquisitions. On average, retailers partnering with Laybuy have seen an increase in order value of 60%, an increase in online and instore conversion rates of 50% and an increase in new customer acquisitions of 30%.

Furthermore, providing shoppers with a flexible way to pay for aspirational purchases as part of their weekly budget planning is also a gamechanger for consumers, especially those who are wisely averse to risky credit and store card debt. A parent whose children have a knack for simultaneously growing out of their school shoes (we’ve been there) shouldn’t be forced to either find the money up front to replace them (often impossible) or to finance the spend using a credit card (often undesirable). Not only does Laybuy help with the purchase itself by splitting the payment into six more manageable chunks interest-free, but in doing so it also provides a safer way for people to build a credit score.

The option to pay by Laybuy is available to Footasylum online customers from today, with the instore payment option being launched in Footasylum’s UK high street stores later this year. So all that’s really left to say is get yourself to, up your trainer game, and contact us if you think your brand (and customers) could benefit from a little Laybuy too.

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