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Brands are currently more alive & active than ever through social media. Platforms now extend far beyond just a marketing channel. Many are now not just an opportunity to engage with & develop relationships with our consumers, this has become an expectation. 


So how can you not just survive but thrive in the world of social? We've put together a few key pillars that can act as a great foundation for any good social media strategy.

Please keep in mind what will & will not resonate with your followers will be unique. You'll need to experiment with different forms or content to work out which gets you the best results.


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Recommended Content Pillars:

  • New Season / Limited Edition Products - play on the fear of missing out & urgency to incite action
  • Sales Events / Specials / Exclusive Sales - if you want to take this a step further, trial a unique code per social platform to effectively gauge each platforms performance
  • Trending Products - if your customers are loving a particular product, chances are your social following & their friends will too!
  • Giveaways - there's a big misconception that social promos need some grandiose prize, often a few chances to win a small prize will generate plenty of hype 

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What Are The Benefits of Incorporating Laybuy Into My Activity? 


  • Provide The Solution to FOMO

    Waiting till payday or the savings account not ready to take the lump sum hit today is a feeling we all know too well. Fortunately, by incorporating Laybuy into your messaging your followers can be reminded that purchasing that limited edition item before it sells out or finally purchasing all those items siting in their shopping cart is easier than ever with Laybuy! Northern Bass are great advocates of Laybuy to get consumers purchasing before tickets run out.







  • Emphasise Affordability

    We can all agree a purchase price divided by 6 appears far more attractive than its actual total, correct? Shoe Connection do a great job of promoting product at the Laybuy weekly repayment price rather than the actual product RRP. Why does this work? When consumers start seeing those new season products promoted at least per week than they'd spend on coffee or a lunch out, all of a sudden that desire to purchase seems to get a little more persuasive.





Mix & Match


  • Grow Your Following & Reach New Audiences for Your Brand

    Every day thousands of consumers are choosing to use Laybuy as their preferred payment method. These shoppers are always on the lookout for new stores, new products & new opportunities to utilise Laybuy! Not only is the Laybuy heart a trusted insignia amongst consumers, but they're searching #paybylaybuy, noticing the posts Laybuy is tagged in & seeing the content Laybuy is engaging with. Making sure Laybuy is tagged in your social media content so our team can make sure we're liking & interacting with your brand through social!




Get the Conversation Started!

Help yourself to our user friendly assets below. Choose to download the png & svg Laybuy logo & can design your own content if you're feeling creative, or feel free to use our premade social assets to help your spread the word to your consumers if you're pushed for time!


Download Laybuy Logo Assets HereDownload Your Laybuy Premade Social Assets Here





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