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Laybuy - the smarter, better and easier way to pay


One thing that often comes up when we’re speaking to merchants about our offering, is that they’re surprised to learn just how easy it is to integrate Laybuy into their businesses. We can get new merchants up and running with our system in as little as a few hours, integrating seamlessly with all systems and leading ecommerce or POS platforms. But Laybuy’s not just easy for merchants; crucially, it’s easy for shoppers too. Customers simply need to select the Laybuy option at checkout and the rest is taken care of automatically.

When we created Laybuy, it was important to us that we built a solution that would drive huge benefits to shoppers and merchants, whilst also being easy to understand, integrate and use. Having worked in the retail sector for many years, we know reducing friction, especially as the checkout process, is a primary objective for all retailers. That’s why it was important for us to make sure users can sign up to Laybuy in seconds, both in store and online. That objective always has been, and still is, paramount to the make-up of the Laybuy offering you see today.

The benefits to shoppers are that we help to make desirable purchases affordable, by letting people take things home today, but pay for it over six automatic payments at 0% interest. The benefits to merchants are that we help reduce returns, increase loyalty and increase conversion rates, whilst also taking on all risk.

We’re committed to partnering with merchants to help them realise these benefits. We’re passionate about the retail sector. Providing merchants with a simple solution that works is the driving force behind our business and is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Don’t just take my word for it; to truly showcase how simple Laybuy is, we’ve created this brand-new video to show just how Laybuy works:

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