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Introducing Laybuy Global

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In the first multi-country ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offering, Laybuy has successfully launched an online payment form for international customers based in Australia and the United Kingdom, so now location is no obstacle when it comes to using Laybuy. Customers across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom are all able to shop with New Zealand, UK and Australian merchants who offer Laybuy.

What it means for merchants?

Our merchants can offer Laybuy to any customer who has been credit checked in their country without requiring to set up a bank account or transact in the customers currency of origin. So if you a NZ retailer sells into the UK, their UK customers can now buy now and pay later. All you have to do in your merchant dashboard is select the countries you want to shop and and Laybuy will enable it for the destinations you choose.  

Laybuy will also take care of the currency conversion and pay the merchant in their local currency.

What it means for customers?

Streamlining the process of checking out, customers do not have to set up a different Laybuy account for each country from which they are shopping from. Instead, one Laybuy account will work for any merchant that offers Laybuy at checkout.  Customers will see their payments come out of their account in their local currency.

Laybuy is the only Buy Now, Pay Later provider to currently offer the effortless solution, giving customers more freedom when it comes to purchasing online.

“We’re really excited about the launch of Laybuy Global, and what this means for the future of online shopping, not only for our NZ customers shopping from Australian retailers (and vice versa), but also for our NZ and Australian retailers being able to provide this option to consumers in the UK” says Laybuy’s founder, Gary Rohloff.

“International customers can now shop with flexibility at local businesses right here in New Zealand, and for our merchants, it means the possibility of more business from a larger market. Laybuy Global removes the barrier that previously existed for customers overseas wanting to use Buy Now Pay Later platforms.”

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